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  • Ken Miller

Look Behind You!

It used to be that we were “occasionally” working from home and used to have ideas like creating a dedicated home office by finishing your basement. Little did we know that in 2020 everything would change, and we would all be hunkered down, doing everything we could possibly manage to do without leaving the house.

NPR has reported on a survey that finds “with so much uncertainty continuing around the coronavirus, it might be next summer [2021] before most workers for private employers return to the normalcy of their offices.” Maybe you’ve even decided that ditching the commute is actually pretty sweet and you’re ready for a real home office after months of trying to “make do” while keeping the whole family on track.

Zoom Calls!

Working remotely almost definitely means using some kind of video conferencing. The one thing that everyone has realized in 2020 is that what’s behind you is very important, because that’s what the other people will be looking at.

Your backdrop shouldn’t be just a bare wall, but keep it as simple and neat as possible. Built-in bookcases and plants are always good backgrounds, and make sure you have a light in front of you, so your face isn’t in shadows.

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