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  • Ken Miller

Small Home? Not Anymore!

Updated: Nov 9, 2020

If you think your home is on a lot that is too small for you to add more living space, don’t despair. You might not be able to spread out, but things are looking up when you do a pop-top home addition. It’s not just an attic conversion, but an additional, brand new second level of prime living space on top of your existing home.

Perhaps you just want to add one or two rooms over part of your home to make a private master suite, home office or bedrooms for the kids. Or you need to add a new level over the entire home because it’s bursting at the seams, but you want to stay in your neighborhood instead of moving. Relocating all the bedrooms from the first floor to a second level opens up tremendous options for how you can make better use of your main floor.

All home addition projects need to be planned and engineered very carefully but adding an additional level to an existing home requires special expertise. The lower levels must be evaluated to make sure they can adequately support the new level and how you plan to use it. In some cases, additional structural elements need to be added to the existing structure. It’s important to realize the first floor of the home will also need some remodeling to make way for a new staircase to the pop-top addition.

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